Can you trick a psychic person? What happened to Samantha Mumba? Why does Jeremy Irons do what he does? Is Guy Pearce good at acting? These questions and many more as we wrestle with the 2002 scifi romp THE TIME MACHINE! Also, our hearts have never been this warm after the movie draw!

The Time Machine

Our second-ever guest host, the inimitable Addi Twigg, joins us and blesses us with a viewing of the horror classic Alien! A burst chest, a lost cat and confusingly small underpants in one of our most rollicking episodes yet!


It’s our fiftieth episode, and this is what we have to watch? After last week? What did we do? Yes, in a statistically improbable development, we drew neighboring Transformers movies in back-to-back weeks. Does this one make sense? Will we get answers about the Merlin business from last week? Will familiarity with the franchise help […]

Transformers: Age of Extinction

We could only avoid it for so long. This week, your hosts are all out of vetoes and can’t help but tangle with a Transformers movie. Not just any punchy robot venture, either; the worst-reviewed of all! See if Mark Wahlberg can drag his robot friends into the bottom spot on our all-time rankings. And […]

Transformers: The Last Knight

It’s our second encounter with a young Chris Rock (although he is way busier here than he was in Beverly Hills Cop 2). CB4 is a music industry satire lampooning the media frenzy around early-’90s gangster rap. 23 years later, is it a lost comedy gem or just kind of an oddity? Don’t worry, none […]


Come Scorp Out with us as we try to figure out why every decision leading to the production of the Scorpion King happened the way it did! Dwayne Johnson’s starring debut is a sword and sandal stinker, but at least there’s well-groomed people in historically inaccurate cosplay! Plus raves about movies new and very old […]

The Scorpion King

Duh DUN duh daDAH dun dah, duh DUN duh daDAH dun dah, DAH DUH DUN duh dun dadah DUN DUN! Except the second one. Axel Foley is back, for a movie that even the star calls mediocre! Will our hosts find more to love in Axel’s second trip out west? Plus, breaking news: Hamilton is […]

Beverly Hills Cop 2

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