Buffy finally gets everything she never knew she wanted and turns invisible. iTunes | iHeart Radio | PlayerFM | Google Podcasts | Libsyn Got questions, comments or just general nerd gushing? Send us a message! Record an mp3 file, less than 1 min, and email it to RevisitingSunnydale@gmail.com. We may play it on the air!

Buffy is trying to make sense of her night of filthy passion, while Willow let’s Amy drag her further into the filth that is Rack. iTunes | iHeart Radio | PlayerFM | Google Podcasts | Libsyn

Willow FINALLY gets around to returning Amy back to her natural form and Buffy FINALLY decides to check out Spike’s natural form. (Heh, Heh) iTunes | iHeart Radio | PlayerFM | Google Podcasts | Libsyn