Podcasts, photography and fan-inspired events are born here.

RuggedAngel Productions is a hub for inspiration, pop culture celebration, and general geekdom.

You may have seen me here...

You may have seen me here...

Oh, and for ten years, I was the producer behind Pittsburgh’s 48 Hour Film Project - in case my name rings a bell.

This site acts as my journal, my sounding board, and a place to share the ways that I express my creativity: podcasts, photography, and events

I’m a skateboarding, graphic-tee-wearing blerd that loves to chat about pop culture.

I’m Kahmeela Adams.

hey! nice to meet you
hey! nice to meet you

I was commissioned by The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to create a video art installation! The Call: Make new memories by bringing together old ones to make a new Downtown Winter Snapshot! We are looking to brighten up the winter season with a new holiday window display that you can be a part of. Send in […]

The Written Word

Call For Submissions: Winter Snapshot



It’s time to tackle the story of the toothpick chewing, hard stare giving, sexy wall leaning, thirst trapping, needy, getaway driving character brought to life by Ryan Gosling. SPOTIFY | ANCHOR | RADIO PUBLIC | APPLE PODCASTS

Down to Watch Podcast

Episode 62: Drive

Can you trick a psychic person? What happened to Samantha Mumba? Why does Jeremy Irons do what he does? Is Guy Pearce good at acting? These questions and many more as we wrestle with the 2002 scifi romp THE TIME MACHINE! Also, our hearts have never been this warm after the movie draw!

The Number One Movie in America

The Time Machine